Waiting …

Waiting, waiting, waiting … it seems like Thursday, August 29th would never get here.  The days go by and I begin “nesting”, trying to get ready for this day when everything changes.  My adult children come home – the house gets cleaned, repairs are made – at work I begin to document my projects to turn them over to others.  Its a strange feeling: anticipation, to get things moving … and fear, to get things moving.

No tears … until the day my tall, high climb-in-it bed was dismantled to make it easier to get into after surgery.  I begin to realize that my life is changing, that this year will not be what I had planned, that many things have to be put on hold and many more changes will need to be made.

These last few days have been a worldwind of activity, updating personal records, organizing accounts … just in case … and trying to avoid thinking about what the future holds, the treatments I will have to experience.  One of my bestest friends takes me to lunch, prays with me, and makes me laugh – a much needed distraction.

Wednesday, reality begins to set in; surgery will be tomorrow.  Anxiety and stress take over.

Tonight distraction is in order – my daughter does my pedicure & puts pink ribbons on my toes while we watched Gabriel Iglesias on netflex … laughter really is the best medicine.

… see you on the other side … ❤


2 thoughts on “Waiting …

  1. You’re in recovery sleeping, so you can’t read this yet, but almost 7 hours later – you’re on other side! God is good, can’t wait to see you when you wake up! Love you Mom/Gamma!! – Jenn, Zach, and Sheldon

  2. I am very thankful my dear friend Vicky, that you came out of the surgrey with no complications! It was a long 7 hours, but the end result was worth the wait! Prayers do work! P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens?) and I know in my heart that our Risen Lord will heal you! It was nice getting to know your sister Terry and your son Shawn, you have a beautiful family!

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